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Handmade Chocolates Part 2

Chocolate Molds handmade chocolates

Handmade Chocolates Part 2 demonstrates how to make variety of chocolate garnishes such as Chocolate Cigars, Chocolate Butterfiles and Chocolate Spring.It also help you learn how to make Chocolate Molds.



  • Dark Chocolates
  • Fresh Cream
  • White Chocolates


Chocolate Cigar & Chocolate Butterfiles

  1. Melt some dark chocolates along with some fresh cream.
  2. Melt some white chocolates along with some fresh cream.
  3. Pour some melted dark chocolate on a marble slab and comb it once as shown on video. Let it set for few seconds.
  4. Now pour melted white chocolate over it. With the help of a knife, spread it over to form a thin layer.
  5. Now with a scraper push a small quantity of the layer in forward direction to roll and form a cigar shape (As shown in video).

Chocolate cigar and Chocolate butterflies are formed.

Chocolate Spring

  1. Now pour some dark chocolates on an OHP sheet and spread all over evenly. Comb it once throughout the sheet.
  2. Roll the sheet once till the chocolate sets. (As shown in video)
  3. After the chocolate cools, remove the sheet.

Chocolate springs are formed.

Chocolate Molds

  1. Coat the melted chocolate in a chocolate mold with a brush.
  2. Once the first layer is dried, coat the mold with chocolate for the second layer.
  3. Now with a cone filled with chocolate, fill in the chocolate mold.
  4. Now to seal from top, pour some melted chocolates over it and remove the excess chocolate with a scrapper.
  5. Once the chocolate cools in the mold, chocolate will automatically leave the mold.

Chocolate molds are formed.

Note: Refer the video for exact picture

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