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Miloni – Watermelon Mocktail for New Year

Mocktail - watermelon & mint

Miloni is a Watermelon Mocktail with mint crushed, peach syrup , pineapple juice and lime juice. A wonderful Mocktail for this new year made by lead bartender Shekar of Altitude lounge at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel

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  • Watermelon (small cut, deseed, 2 cups)
  • Mint leaves (12)
  • Lime juice (5 ml)
  • Pineapple juice(30 ml)
  • Peach syrup or Sugar syrpu (10 ml)


  1. In a glass, add watermelon, mint leaves, lime juice, peach syrup or sugar syrup and muddle it till the juice of watermelon is extracted.
  2. Crush ice and add over the mixture.
  3. Pour the pineapple juice and mix all juices well.
  4. Pour the mocktail in a serving glass and garnish with watermelon and mint spring.

Miloni, the watermelon mocktail is now ready to be served.

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