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Pachadi (white pumpkin in coconut)

My dad who is passionate about cooking, in this video shows one of the authentic Kerala recipe Pachadi.
Pacha’ in malayalam means ‘raw’. Here, except for white pumpkin, which is boiled and cooked, rest of the ingredients are raw. It way yummy! Hope you will like it. Learn and Enjoy!
  • white pumpkin (fine chopped)
  • 1/2 coconut ( grated)
  • green chillies (7)
  • curry leaves (3 stems)
  • cumin seeds/jeera (1 tbsp)
  • salt (as per taste)
  • mustard (2 tbsp)
  • coconut oil (4 tbsp)
  • dried red chillies (3)
  • curd (1 medium bowl)
  1. Grind coconut grated,  cumin seeds (1 tbsp), mustard seeds (2 tbsp), green chilles (7), water (2 cups) and make it a paste.
  2. Churn the curd to make it thin.
  3. Boil and cook chopped white pumpkin.
  4. Switch off the flame, add the churned curd and mix it well.
  5. Add the coconut paste and mix again.
  6. Heat coconut oil in a pan, add mustard seeds (1 tbsp), after it splutters, add dried red chilly pieces and curry leaves. Saute.
  7. Add this seasoning into the gravy and mix well.
Delicious Pachadi is ready to be served as a side dish with steamed rice.

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